About Dyzenos

Ever since I began drawing, about ten years ago or so, I like many other "anime" style artists immediately began plans for a manga. Sadly, what I came up with was an overblown space opera that had too many characters and too many things to draw for someone who was just starting out. After rewriting the first chapter multiple times and redrawing it, Space Battleship Saratoga was shelved and I began looking at a simpler formula. I also started looking around the industry here in America... Anime, manga, and webcomics and I noticed something very disturbing. Science fiction and many of its subgenres were dead! Everywhere you looked it was fantasy this or girly that! Hell, this problem continues to persist today! There was a big hole to fill and I had decided to FILL it! And here's the filling... Dynamic Destroyer Dyzenos!


THEY are not coming. THEY are not invading. They. Are already HERE. And have been here for a very long time. While the people of the World are living normally and peacefully, they scurry about in the shadows. They take whatever they want and obey no law. Their plans for us are completely unknown. They tell us they are angels or brothers or friends; Tells us to save the planet and open our hearts to the Universe, while they plunder both our World and our people. Their roots run deep and nothing can stand in their way. Until now.

Dyson Maddox is a normal kid out on summer vacation. He expects to spend it goofing off, watching TV, and playing video games. But what will happen to him this summer will change both his life and the lives of every man, woman, and child on this Earth.

The Dynamic Destroyer awaits its pilot.

The Story So Far...

Awoken in the middle of the night by strange lights and a feeling of paralyzation, something is amiss in the Maddox household, Dyson thinks. Somehow breaking free of his invisible bonds, he rushes down stairs to an eerie sight. Surprised by his sudden appearance, one of the creatures uses psychokenisis to throw him backwards up the stairs where he is promptly knocked out by the impact. Nearby, something begins to stir. What will Dyson find when he wakes up?

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