Main Characters

Red - The Staunch Nintendoist
Though the origins of his name are down right mysterious, since the early 80s, he's been a
Nintendo devotee and he plans to die that way. Also knows "The Mario" a little TOO well. :p
Current Obsession: Super Robot Wars Advance - "GEKIGAAAAAAAAAAAN

Nadia - The Ying to Red's Yang
Generally cheery and cute, she loves cute games no matter the console. However, her love
of RPGs, especially those on Sony consoles tends to be a friction point on the relationship.
Current Obsession: Getting a PS2 for FF10 - Red: OVER MY DEAD BODY, WOMAN!!!

Darrow - Life's Natural Enemy
He's not just crazy, he's CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!! Drawing, TV, anime, and of course, games
make up his life and he's completely against love for reasons we'll not discuss--Unless
it's going to pay him by the hour for therapy.
Current Obsession: Drawing, Watching Excel Saga, and waiting for his Outlaw Star DVDs
to arrive - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is broke, well...still don't fix it. You're not a damn mechanic."